Composer Code Guest Interview!

Podcast Matt Kenyon (Composer) and Host of the Composer Code invited me on to his podcast.  Composer Code has been a podcast for a few years now. Interviewing new video game composers to AAA composers such as Gary Schyman, Gordy Haab and Grant Kirkhope.

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Hello everyone! Chase Bethea here to share a wonderful project I had the joy to be a part of. As a video game composer, it is important to be always creating. And that is why, I loved having the opportunity to create a piece of music for The Snowstorm album, now available on bandcamp!

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Speaking at Moorpark College – Fall Semester 2018

I had the pleasure of being asked by Professor Samoff to speak to the Moorpark College Game Design Class for the 3rd time. Every time, I refine the talk and make it more cohesive and interactive as possible. It’s always a joy to give back and educate.

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Aground Early Access Launch

Today is huge. Aground, developed by Fancy Fish Games, is finally releasing the on Early Access. The team and I have been working on this game since July 2017. It started out as a prototype and since the game studio released it online, it has a grown into something bigger.

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E3 2018 Adventures

Another E3 in the bag. This year is the first time I went by myself. It felt nice. I was able to come and go as I please each day and wander until my heart’s content. I met up with old friends and made new ones. Here are some of the things I learned this year.

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Speaking at Moorpark College

Today I was asked by Tim Samoff who teaches the Game Design course at Moorpark College to come and give a guest lecture. I was super honored to be called back after just speaking last September 2017!

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Interview with Alumni School – LARS/LAFS

My alumni school, Los Angeles Recording, did a spotlight on me. Watch the video to hear my thoughts on what synths I currently use and why I decided to got to LARS.

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Publishing Deal with Materia Collective

If you’re not familiar Materia Collective made a huge splash based on the announcement of FVII being completely remastered and sparked an idea in Sebastian Wolff’s heart to create the biggest collaboration album ever called Materia.

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Kicking it at PSX 2017

What another great year at PSX! It was my second time attending the conference in Anaheim and I really enjoy that PSX has it there. It was crazy because I had the idea that PSX should have trivia while we were here and they did! So,  this year I got to participate! I didn’t win but it was a good experience. (No pun) Check out the rest of the photos to see the cool booths that were there.

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Attending The Game Awards 2017

I finally managed to make it to The Game Awards this year. I went with two great people. One of my best friends, Efosa and my girlfriend, Brooke. Brooke and I got front row, front stage seats. We had such a great time being in that atmosphere and seeing how it all came together. It was great!

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