Cubic Climber Game and Soundtrack Release!!!!!


After two months of anticipation the innovative rock climbing game, Cubic Climber by Simplicity Development Studios is finally ready to be played! You can check out the game here!



Here is the Soundtrack!

Enjoy and let me know what you think! Thank you for your support!

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I Can’t Escape (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game)

I am more than excited and pleased to announce the release of my first album and video game album, I Can’t Escape by Fancy Fish Games, the original soundtrack from the Video Game. This game came out in January, however, that doesn’t make it old. The game has over 64,000 plays so far, GREAT reviews and a couple of “Let’s Play’s“. If you like or love this game, now you have the soundtrack to listen to at your leisure. All the sales go directly to me, so you don’t have to worry about 3rd parties, not supporting the artist you love.

If you haven’t played the game yet, I encourage you to do so by following the link : I Can’t Escape


Once you have played the game or have already played it you can listen/buy the soundtrack for $4.00 here:


Thank you all for your wonderful support! I greatly appreciate it! More music coming real soon! Stay tuned!

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I Can’t Escape PC Browser Game Released Today!!!

Well I keep them coming as best as I can. Here is the I Can’t Escape Game PC Browser Game created by David Maletz! It’s free to play! I did the music and SFX!! Check it out here and PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!

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Tomb Raider Crossroads Trailer Music Demo Replacement Release!!!

After months of anticipation the demo is finally finished! I am very proud and excited to present to you my first demo! You can view it here.

Shadow of the Colossus trailer coming real soon!

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Tomb Raider Crossroads Trailer Release

After much anticipation the Tomb Raider Trailer mix is finally complete! Look forward to the release this week! Thanks for your patience and support!

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The game finally releases today!!!! For those who don’t know, I composed original music and sound effects for the game and this is my first published game release!! It’s Free!!! and on the Google Play Website! So Mac users and PC gamers can play it. Enjoy! And don’t forget to write a review! Thank you!

Here is the link

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Electron Flux Releases This WEEKEND!!!

The Audio for Electron Flux is finally complete! The release for the game is this weekend on the Android/Google Play Market!!! Have fun with the game and make sure you let me know what all of you think of it! I might release my first OST if the demand and feedback is high! This is what you all have been waiting for from me and here it is! I will post the release date later this week along with 1 or 2 tracks from the game.

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Official Contract Deal on Two Games!!!!

I have officially been contracted for two games!!! The first game is called Death Never Accepts which I am contracted as the Sound Designer. The game will be released for PC!! You can “Like Us” on Facebook by following this link:

The second game is called Electron Flux. I am contracted as the composer and sound designer for this game and it will be released on the Android/Google Market!  (Big Hopes for Ouya…if it takes off). Demo projects (Shadow of the Colossus and Tomb Raider Trailers) still in progress but now these new game projects will take priority!

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Tomb Raider Crossroads Trailer Cue

I’m half-way through the mix. Things are going quite smoothly. I plan on being finished this week or next week at the latest. The release of the video itself should be before September ends. I have a few upcoming projects that just got put into the schedule this week. I will be announcing what they are officially in a few days. Stay tuned.

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Tomb Raider Crossroads Trailer

Finished the cue late last night!! Just finished syncing and semi mixing the dialogue audio to the trailer. Final touches this week and next week. Looking forward to releasing the final product the 1st week of Sept.

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