Wwise Interactive Music Symposium Music Design Panel

August 24, 2021

Well, I must say I am lost for words and very excited to say that I will be taking part in the Wwise Symposium 2021 Music Design Panel. This is an incredible honour!

Audiokinetic has kindly asked me to be part of the infamous Wwise Interactive Music Symposium, specifically the Music Design panel. The Audiokinetic team as well as  Guy Whitmore exclaimed they felt that I would have so much to contribute to the conversation. They are honoured to have me you join them as much as I am as a video game composer!

The Audiokinetic Interactive Music Symposium brings together composers from the video game, music, and film industries , among several others, for a meeting of the minds about the future of interactive music. The event is free to attend and open to all! I believe this will be their their third symposium. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend in person back in December 2019. To be on this panel solidifies the hard work and skill-set I have been refining so carefully these past couple of years.

This additional honour comes by who else will be participating on the panel. I will be joined by fellow panelists Guy Whitmore (moderator), Elvira Björkman, Austin Wintory, Lydia Andrew and Olivier Derivière.

The Music Design panel will be about elevating the importance of Music Design; about seeing great results no matter where it’s placed as long as it’s integrated into the pipeline; about establishing making Music Design important enough to invest in. It will discuss the difference between Creative vs Technical Music Design, and will also touch upon & discuss the following three common approaches when creating music for interactive experiences:

1) Composers who are deeply involved in music design, but don’t touch the technical work
2) Composers working in the music design and the technical work
3) Composers who take the queue sheet and submit the work

Again, I am overjoyed and grateful to be on this panel with such talented and skilled professionals, especially those that have set a mark in the path I walk in. The Audiokinetic team has been so kind and awesome to me. I am truly thankful and  simply overjoyed. I’ve been seeking and hunting for these types of opportunities for years and I’m grateful to finally be here. I look forward to being on more.

As mentioned before, the even is free. You can register here: https://t.co/UMtMFtJ4pn?amp=1. Come watch and enjoy!