“Endless talent and insight – Any opportunity to work with Chase is a discovery into the exciting ways in which audio can be uniquely implemented. Chase continues to push the envelope for adaptive audio and our project, Bushido Bots, is made better by his efforts.”

Derrick Fields
Game Director at Waking Oni Games

“I met Chase Bethea during the OUYA Winter Game Jam. I’m solo programmer and needed some music. His work blew me away! Perfect for game creation and a man with great ideas. If I were to put it in one word, his work ethics are “perfection!” He is not only good at music and sfx, he was also part of our project in many ways especially testing and understanding the technical side. He is a guy that is easy to trust and befriend.”

Noah Rojas
CEO of Red Rampion

“Working with Chase on Super Happy Fun Block was a fantastic experience.
The man really knows what he’s doing. In the past I’ve had difficulty describing what music I want to composers, but Chase was great at understanding my cryptic requests and delivering excellent tracks. He kept to schedule, was responsive with changes, and is just overall a great guy. I plan on working with him on my future games and highly recommend his work to anybody else who needs a composer for their games.”

Ethan Benanav
CEO/Co-Founder Molten Tomato

“We found Chase Bethea through our school as a recommendation for a good sound designer. When our project came to a point where sound was needed he provided an excellent sample that made him an easy choice. Chase was extremely helpful to us because we had very little experience working with a sound designer. He guided us through the entire process and was very easy to communicate with. It was easy to describe what sounds we needed and get iterations quickly which, helped move our project forward. Communication was important in this project but one of the most impressive things about Chase was that he was still able to carry himself very professionally. This made it very easy and stress free because he would be straightforward with the things he required and made sure he met our requirements as well.

We found that working with Chase was a very comfortable and an inviting experience. The ease of communication and professionalism is exactly what we needed as a start up. We were able put the sound project out of our minds and focus on our work while chase completed his tasks in a timely manner. I would recommend chase to anyone. His portfolio speaks for itself and that experience shows when he’s working on your sound.”

Chashu Entertainment

“Chase was an absolute dream to collaborate with on the Myst Jam! I explained the atmosphere we were trying to create and he nailed it spot on right out of the gate. Our game wouldn’t be half as compelling without his music and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Scott Jacobson
Game Design Instructor

“Chase was a consummate professional for the entirety of the time we worked together. He was organized, fast, and delivered high quality content perfectly on time. Chase was also flexible enough to deal with last minute emergency changes without complaint or a drop in quality. I look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Mark Gerow
Project Lead and Creator/Programmer of Seigebreakers

“Chase contacted me when I was looking for a composer for our project called Cubic Climber. I really liked the variety and quality of his music so I happily took his offer. In the end he made 6 tracks for our game and I must say that I like every one of them. They were fast, energetic and crazy …just like our game!”

Ondrej Angelovič
Leader of Simplicity Game Developement Studio

“At Fancy Fish Games, music is very important. Getting the right mood and feel is an integral part to our games, and Chase Bethea went above and beyond what was needed, creating memorable and impactful soundtracks that brought I Can’t Escape and A Different Color to life. Chase Bethea has a solid work ethic, and great communication skills, incorporating my comments and going through several revisions until the music fit my vision perfectly. He was a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend him and can’t wait to work with him again!”

David Maletz
Founder of Fancy Fish Games

“Had a great experience working with Chase. He composed all the music and sound for my game, and was very enthusiastic and committed to my project from the first day through launch day. Great musical talent and very responsible, would definitely work with again.”

Tim Karwoski
Independent Game Developer
Creator of Electron Flux

“Chase is a hard working, dedicated musician and sound designer, creative and self motivated, yet able to work with others to help complete their vision as well.

It has always been a pleasure working with Chase. While at Mobotory game development studio, he was always punctual and diligent, going out of his way to be at the studio in person with his own equipment for audio reviews rather than just sending in samples or working remotely.

Later at Coil Interactive, whenever I had a musical score or sound effect request, he stepped up and delivered well beyond the scope of what was expected. He is an excellent musician and an asset to any team, I would work with Chase again in the future without a second thought. Chase is a remarkable and talented individual with a bright future ahead of him, and I am sure he will grow into a successful and notable professional in years to come.”

Philip Allen Donahue
Founder, Game Design Network

“Chase is a really great composer and hard working guy that gets the Job done on right. I also learned a lot from working with Chase because he shows you step by step what his creative process is. Chase is very passionate about making music and shares his passion with others and I really enjoyed working with him.”

Bright Akyempon
Creative Director of Exosphere Interactive