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NIX HYDRA Games Newest Composer!

It is with great excitement to announce that have been hired by NIX HYDRA to compose their new game “Potions Please”.

Potions Please is 2D Potion management game with cute animal characters that rely on you (the player) to make goody concoctions for them.

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New Project: Reclaim Earth

I am officially signed on as the composer and sound designer for Reclaim Earth! This started out as a game jam (Low Rez) and I was contacted by Ansity Games to do a couple sounds and tracks. Ansity Games liked my music so much that they decided to move forward with the game and hire me to do more audio for the game.

Reclaim Earth is a FPS set in the near future where aliens have completely taken over and 70% of the human population has been wiped out. You play as a brave citizen to reclaim your planet using clever weaponry and interesting mode mechanics.

We plan to work on this in episodic form and are aiming for a Q4 release. In the meantime, please play the demo here and let us know your thoughts!

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