Super Gamer Podcast Episode 147 – The Game Whisperer with Chase Bethea has been published!

January 23, 2023

I’m overjoyed to share my latest podcast debut as a guest on the Super Gamer Podcast!

This was an absolutely great interview and the best I have had in a long time!! (Next to “Level With Emily” and “The Chronicles of Gamers“) Mark, the host, asks great questions! He really does his homework about his guests and you don’t know what is going to be asked. I have waited a long time for another interview like this and wish more hosts followed his lead.

Just last year in 2022, I thought about being interviewed by someone in the game industry who asks great questions. I have seen this before in other industry spaces and interviews with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, where they do their proper investigations of people before the interview, and Mark has. done. it! I love that so much because it keeps the interview engaging, it may catch you off guard but also makes you think, “how did you know about that?” It’s just tremendously awesome to be interviewed as a video game composer in this format.

In this episode, you’ll learn,

-How it felt to win the NYX Award
-My favourite part about MAGFest 2023
-What it means to be a “Game Whisperer”
-The importance of planning game audio music from the beginning of the project
-Why I learned all the game development roles to gain perspective
– Did I finish reading The Complete Guide to Game Audio

and more!

Check out the episode here and on Spotify

I SUPER hope you enjoy the episode and let me know your thoughts on it too.