Speaker Announcement! A Structured Process for Planning Game Audio in Production

March 2, 2021

I am pleased to be confirmed to guest speak at Indie Game Business. I’ve known about them for two years and I attended one conference of theirs. I appreciate the content they put out and it’s been a milestone goal to be either on the podcast or guest speak at one of the events.

My talk as a video game composer will not cover audio techniques  but is more designed towards production for developers. Better planning and understanding how Music and Sound Design can set your game apart by including audio into your production plans from the outset.

Game Developers will grasp the value of planning a budget in pre-production for game audio. In addition to selecting team members to perform such services early during the design process to prevent extra production delays and well crafted game experiences.

I hope to see you at the Indie Game Business Water Edition 2021 Conference on March 3rd at 12pm PST/ 3pm Eastern.

Other guest speakers at the event include Jonathan Jennings (Weird Kid Studios), Anya Combs (Director of Games at Kickstarter), Nika Nour (Executive Director at IGDA), Xalavier Nelson Jr. (Narrative Writer/Designer at Strange Scaffold), Alanna Linayre (Founder/ Creative Director Toadhouse Games), Chel Wong (Freelance Composer), Glen Henry (Founder / Project Director of Spritewrench Studios), Laura Onderwater (Concept Artist), Victoria Tran (Community Director at Innersloth) and Akash Thakkar (Sound Designer)

You can register for free at https://www.powellgroupconsulting.com/indiegamebusiness/#ticketing