Riot Games – Team Fight Tactics REMIX RUMBLE has been released! Featuring TWO Remix Tracks from me!

December 14, 2023

Wow, just wow!

It’s hard to believe that I worked on a title like Team Fight Tactics and it would not have happened without the recommendation of a long time, industry colleague, Kole Hicks. So, first and foremost thank you for including in this project. Thank you for your direction, feedback and guidance through the process. As well as recognizing my music genre composing amalgamation/ interactive/dynamic skillet for games.

Thank you to Sarah Blandy for the support and rally! It’s good to have you as a champion in this industry.

Thank you to Kim Levin for the consistent and solid communication keeping the production process copacetic and being flexible and cool.

To the rest of the Riot music team, (Rachel, Zak, Noah, Josh and others) thank you too. I know everyone played an integral part in putting this together. I am thankful for the copacetic collaboration as well.

This is my biggest project to date (Next to Limited Run Games and NYX Hydra). I was fortunate enough to be asked to collaborate on two tracks for the Remix Rumble game/ OST.

Track 03: Follow the Base


Track 12: Plan for the Moments