< /reality> OST Review by Game Grooves “Will It Blend”

June 30, 2020

As a video game composer, it is important to get critical feedback from peer reviewed video game enthusiasts. It is how we grow and learn to know where we can improve on our craft. It is how we can self-reflect and see what we are writing right or wrong musically to reach our audience. Take a baby step or giant leap into the world </ Reality>.  Game Grooves, a video game music review website, did just that.  You’ll want to dive right into this futuristic soundtrack released in April 2017 sooner than later. The soundtrack is designed to take you on a journey of sorts and contains some hidden musical gems. See if you can identify them like the review did.

Inspiration for making this soundtrack stemmed from the need for the player to connect to his/her chosen character and immerse themselves in their world. So I started with a synopsis of each character’s personality and wanting them to have their own unique identifiable musical theme. Hours at the piano, improvising, playing around with different rhythms, melodies, syncopation and instruments allowed me to establish the main theme for </Reality>.  Fancy Fish Games provided me with the X-factor I was seeking to take the track to the next level. By utilizing the audio asset list I was able to expand upon what I had already created and developed a few key story events which aided in deepening the characters.

In the review, the music was compared to a nice smoothie, highlighting tracks such as “Subconscious Intelligence” and “Traverse Beyond the Arch” as points of nostalgia and was kindly compared, the “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess“, piece “City in the Sky“. I found this to be a high honor considering the composers, Koji Kondo and Toru Minegishi are renowned masters of the video game music world. You can read the full review here.