Officially represented by Game Music PR

December 14, 2015

I am elated to say that I am officially represented by a publicist who specializes in the Video Game and Game Audio field of promotion.

Mariusz Borokowski has selected me out of many other composers to be represented by his new publicist company Game Music PR. This means more image promotion, less, marketing and promotion for me so I can focus on creative work as well as possible bigger gigs for Indie Games.

This is a big deal for me because I  when I was seeking representation I was overlooked by other game audio representatives who only focused on the big AAA composers or games that would gain recognition. They were not interested in pulling in AA composers or composers who needed the extra marketing push to reach the next level.  I want to be clear though that I have no hard feelings against them at all.

I am most humble that Mariusz is willing to collaborate with me and help me achieve my goals.  I can feel that this will be a great working relationship.