New Project Announcement! Questlike: Pocket!

September 18, 2020

Do you love RPG games? What about monsters? If you said yes then look no further. SpriteWrench brought me on to score the music for their new RPG game Questlike: Pocket.

In this RPG game you will be hunting and battling a series of different monsters. The combat itself is rhythm-based, requiring you to time your attacks to bring down the numerous beasties that stand in your way.

In battle, a number of icons will fly in from either the right or the left side of the screen. Those coming from the right will be enemy attacks that you’ll have to block whilst those from the left will allow you to unleash your own moves. There are also ultimate abilities for each weapon that will build up over time.

Aside from testing your reflexes against monsters, you will also be scavenging the land for resources to collect before crafting new weapons and gear. Naturally, better gear means an increased chance of battling your way further into the game. Along the way, you will also run into different NPCs who will assist you in your journey.

From there it’ll be a case of seeing how long you can survive whilst racking as high a score as possible on the global leaderboard. The game is currently available in open beta through TestFairy where you can also find the latest patch notes.

Pocket Gamer even featured it on their website!

BIG LOVE to Glen Henry of Spritewrench for bringing me on to do some of the game’s soundtrack!

Questlike: Pocket is available for pre-register now over on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with advertisements. Download now to enjoy some monster hunting and hear the music I wrote as you play.