NEW GAME MUSIC! “Survival Hunt” Recorded by The Budapest Scoring Orchestra

February 23, 2021

New Game Music! “Survival Hunt” composed arranged and orchestrated by Chase Bethea. I wrote this piece of music when I was hired to score a Third- Person Shooter game where the indie game studio was heavily inspired by Metal Gear Solid 2, 4 and 5.

My aim was to have the piece convey tactical espionage movement with the character that would transition into combat and back into stealth mode. As a video game composer, it’s important to know the mechanics of a game like this in order to propel the to player into the mood and atmosphere.

I hired Dynamedion who worked with the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. I took my mock-up orchestrated the piece myself.

“Survival Hunt” was mixed by X:144 a prolific Producer/ Musical Artist/ Engineer/ Director. My friend, Tony Soave, made the final cut you see. He is a fantastic editor.

Survival Hunt Composed by Chase Bethea Recorded byThe Budapest Scoring Orchestra

BIG LOVE and Special Thanks to Will Roget, II for the advice in pointing me to the right music group to record an orchestra.