Klexos Interactive Hires Chase Bethea to score “Hey Pops!”

October 4, 2021

I am quite honoured and excited to score the first Klexos Interactive title, “Hey Pops!” This will serve as one of my most ambitious scores ever as I aim to compose music that conflate 20s/50s/70s and 90s era to present the journey of a world-renowned magician!

Klexos Interactive is a game studio dedicated to making experiences that matter. They advocate for mental/emotional health, bring people together through interactivity and elevate underrepresented voices.

Hey Pops! jumps into the story first-hand told with the stages of grief, in this three act inter-generation. You follow Harlee and Ryland to become your grandpa’s greatest apprentices. The player will phase into fragmented memories, working together while you use your wands to build and break elements and work through the complex emotions of loss and letting go. Solve puzzles and piece together who your grandfather really was, learn about the challenges that he faced as one of the few black magicians of his time. why he disappeared, and discover the meaning of your lineage.

My goal with the score is to bring a new sound to game music that has not been heard before. I always try to do this but most people do not know me for a 20s/50s/70s/90s score where I conflate all of those musical eras into one.

I will be working with the orchestrator/ conductor and Hollywood Music Workshop Executive Director, Michiel de Boer, to help me achieve this amalgamation.

Stay tuned to for more news about the development and music behind “Hey Pops!”