I wrote the music for the Limited Run Games – Gex Trilogy Trailer Announcement!

July 12, 2023

Today marks another monumental moment in my video game composing career. My work is featured on Limited Run Games!

I got to write the music for the Gex Trilogy  Trailer! I’ve always wanted to write music for a game publisher like Devolver or Limited Run Games. Never did I think I would finally have the opportunity
to write music for a game announcement, let alone have it be featured, streamed/showcased live!

Limted Run Games is well received/acclaimed video game distributor that garners licenses from developers and produces, prints and sells limited physical video game copies for people to enjoy on newer console platforms via its website and select retail stores.

If you know me, I am a huge retro gaming connoisseur so scoring for this trailer filled me with great excitement and joy. I got to revisit old sample libraries and sound modules from 1996 -2000 to re-create that feeling of nostalgia that people gush over.


I am super grateful for this opportunity, I look forward to doing more. More updates regarding the game coming soon.