I will Officially Be Speaking at GDC 2022!

March 23, 2022

I am a official panelist and will be speaking at GDC this year on the 28th Annual IASIG (Interactive Audio Special Interest Group) Town Hall.

 I am pleased to be on the panel with

Kurt Heiden  (Chair, IASIG)

Steve Horowitz  (Audio Director, Nickelodeon Digital & IASIG)

Athan Billias  (President, The MIDI Association)

Scott Looney  (CTO & Co-Founder, Game Audio Institute)

Jim Hedges  (Audio Director, Zynga)

Becky Allen  (Audio Director, Twin Suns Corporation)

It’s another moment for me where I have to look around and be grateful for where I stand and be excited for where I am going. The other panelists are legends in game audio and I’m the youngest with career experience among them.

This town hall will discuss the best ways to get that first gig in audio for games. Transferring existing skills to interactive media. The audience will get to ask what they think they need to know when looking for work in the game industry. So, whether you are already working in the game industry or just thinking of the best way to transfer your skills from film, TV or general music production to interactive media or a complete newbie to the industry, you’ll gain something out of it.

It’s my first GDC talk and as much as I wished my first to be in person, I will still take it. The talk that I get to do in the future will be in person and the way I envision it. Until then, I am grateful for this opportunity.

 The 28th Annual IASIG Town Hall will be from 12:45 – 1:45pm (virtually)