“I Can’t Escape Lives Up to Its Name” Review on IndieGame HQ

February 6, 2013

I Can’t Escape by Fancy Fish Games is a game certainly worth checking out. The game was created for the One Game A Month challenge and is currently available for play through Newgrounds. This is the fourth game from Fancy Fish Games with a fifth game titled Havencall due out in 2013.

The game starts off with your character falling into a large underground maze. Initially, I didn’t think much of it as the cavern was fairly barren and well lit. I began exploring the massive maze, opening iron doors and hidden stone doors. To my surprise I stumbled across a hole in the floor. Each level down was seemingly darker, and the noise certainly picked up. Random noises were everywhere, it seems as if something is down there with you. Occasionally, as you fall deeper, you will stumble across these harmless ghosts that just add to the experience.

Finally, I came across some sign of hope and went up a ladder. I quickly found a second ladder, but to my dismay it was a trap and I fell down to the depths. The noises picked up and it sounded as though I was being hunted. The audio certainly gets your heart racing a bit as your frantically explore the maze. This fast-paced exploration led to more and more falls. After a few falls I landed in utter darkness, and I won’t say anymore for fear of revealing the ending. The game is certainly worth checking out as it is free and won’t take much time to complete. It won’t take long to realize you can’t escape

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