Helix Collective Performs Score Selections from “Stardander School for Witches”

May 4, 2023

Something important and incredible is about to happen in a month! Another Music Performance in the works and I can’t believe it! Helix Collective will be performing Music Selections of my score from the game, “Stardander : School for Witches” 

This is my second music performance happening from this game and the game has not been released yet! So, that HAS to tell you something BIG is Brewing 😉 this October!

Stardander: School for Witches is a visual novel RPG game being developed by Fancy Fish Games. In this game, you delve into the lives of four young witches as they learn magic, protect their families, try to stay on their brooms, and work hard to unravel the mysteries surrounding Stardander, the best school of magic in the world. Stardander participated in Steam Next Fest and the Spooktober 2021 Visual Novel Jam and won 2nd place. The demo of the game is available on Steam. 

Those who are in Los Angeles, I would love to invite to come out and enjoy / celebrate this magical experience with me. Other music pieces will be performed by other composers who have worked on games as well. 

The concert will take place at the Plaza Del Sol at California State University, June 3rd 2023 at 3pm PST.

You can grab your tickets here. However, there is an opportunity for a discount so please ask me and I will send you a link!

I hope to see you there.