Guest Panelist Speaker Announcement! NAMM Show 2022 -A3E Session – The Future of Audio

June 7, 2022

The NAMM Show has invited me to speak on the Interactive Audio Design: Expanding Your Sound and Music Tool Belt for Games and Interactive Media panel! This talk is part of the A3E Presents The Future of Audio Sessions track.

I was very fortunate and welcomed to speak about one of my deepest passions…you guessed right…Video Game Music and Game Audio Tools, ELIAS Software.

Thank you Paul Sitar (A3E President), Athan Billias (President of MIDI Manufactures Association) and Cody Matthew Johnson, CEO Creative Director Emperia Sound and Music / Emperia Music Group, for the invitation to collaborate on this panel.

There was some amazing presentations from Adam Fligsten (Founder / Composer of Silen Audio) about Generative Music and the Sound Particles demo moved me so much it brought me to tears two years ago. The demo exhibited how fluid the sound was occurring and it felt so realistic.

A Deeper Dive in Music Design Compsition Workflows in ELIAS Chase Bethea THE NAMM SHOW

My talk was titled “A Deeper Dive in Music Design: Composition Workflows in ELIAS“. I discussed embracing the new horizon of audio middle-ware and how it has its challenges. My goal was to define a fresh, direct and correct approach to vertical and horizontal composition while being cognizant of new middle-ware limitations during a short milestone. During the presentation demonstrated the creation and implementation of an interactive score for games using the audio middle-ware, ELIAS. I love doing talks like these and I was happy that some of the ELIAS Team, Martin Barreby, Erik Brattloff and even the CEO/ Co-Founder, Kristofer Eng Radjabi, supported me by sharing the talk on their social media and more! NAMM Show 2022 A3E The Future of Audio

ELIAS is great for doing dynamic music, I find it so simple and effortless to get my ideas realized within 10 – 20 minutes.

My experience and the NAMM show this year was extraordinary! First, thank you kindly to my friend, Jonathan for capturing the talk and rolling up there with me.

I spent a great time Saturday and Sunday with people I consider the greatest of company. Chatting/ chilling with the living legend, George Sanger, of the Game Audio industry.Chase Bethea & George Sanger - NAMM SHOW 2022

Getting to meet the multi-talented, Anouk Dyussembayeva, who traveled super far from Kazakhstan! Thank you again for your support, for the interview about me and hosting my first Video Game Composer MasterClass for Composium – in addition to the Kazakhstan Candy Bar.

Stopping by Q Up Arts to catch up with Doug Morton who gifted me a sweet Q Up Arts NAMM shirt! Navigating to the Shure booth to say “Hi” an old sales rep colleague and meet new Shure team members.

Finally, having dinner with Ray Casarez  who saved the night with the sideline table swoop. In addition, meeting/getting with acquainted composer, Joe Kataldo, who also presented at the A3E Session.

If you attended the talk thank you for showing. I’m looking into see if it was recorded since many of you have asked.