Guest Speaker Announcment! Panelist on the (ASMAC) American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers Event (Video Game Composer Forum)

May 7, 2023

I will be a guest speaker/panelist giving hot takes at the “ASMAC Video Game Composer Forum: ‘Specialization’ vs. ‘Versatility’ ” event.

Since working in the video game industry for over a decade now, I’ve seen and heard this topic come up a lot. When I was starting out in game music, some veteran’s opinion was that specializing in one genre specifically will help your career. However, I have some different opinions about this. When I decided to become a video game composer, I knew that I would have to write in many different genres in order to write for a plethora of games that conflate art styles and mechanics that would be developed.  I will be discussing why my mindset is like this and how I came to be known in the industry as the “Swiss Army knife of video game composition.”

I will be joined on the panel by other video game composers Virginia Leo, Noa Beazley, and the panel is hosted by Tony Manfredonia.

I want to thank Tony for inviting me on this panel. Tony has been a great supporter of my work in the game music community.

I also want to thank the American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers for being so accommodating and hosting this Video Game Forum discussion.

If you’d like to, hear about our opinions on this topic, the event is online and is on Saturday, May 13th, 12 PM PST. Registration is free. You can sign up here.