Guest Speaker Announcement! Changing Technology with Video Game Composing LIVE Q & A

July 1, 2022

GUEST SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT! I am pleased to be invited by GPU Audio
to do a LIVE Q&A tomorrow. It will be lots of Game Audio Tech/Music discussion.

I was invited by Anouk Dyussembayeva, who works at GPU as the Content, Community Marketing Manager and is the CEO of Composium to be a guest speaker for the GPU Audio AMA via Discord.

Here is where I will share my 11 year career knowledge about being a video game composer and the technology I use to write game music. I’ll be answering the typical, ” how did you get started” questions but also some more interesting ones such as my interest in Jazz, my approach to Technical Audio Design, my current DAW Setups, my thoughts on immersive audio in gaming and so much more.

This includes questions from the live audience. I find these to be a little more interesting than the per-designed questions because the audience thinks a little different than the moderators.

The event will take place Friday, 7/ 1/2022, 10am PST | 1pm EST virtually, live on Discord. You can join in here

I hope to see you there where you can ask me your questions during this event.