December 25, 2018

Hello everyone! Chase Bethea here to share a wonderful project I had the joy to be a part of. As a video game composer, it is important to be always creating. And that is why, I loved having the opportunity to create a piece of music for The Snowstorm album, now available on bandcamp!

Myself, and 21 other amazing artists, had the joy of being invited to contribute to their second annual album. And I have to say that I fully agree that each song is in fact a bop. Now, I might be a little biased seeing as my song, “Pensive”, is fourth on the album and therefore really sets the mood for all that is coming, but this album is honestly really wonderful.

Not to mention that the proceeds all go towards Child’s Play; which is a really wonderful organization that everyone in the gaming community should know about. But either way, the album is awesome and those interested in adding the album to their lives can find it here.