GameGrooves Unconvered Ep 44: Chase Bethea and the Wonders of Composing Podcast Episode Released

June 13, 2024

I’ve always wanted to be on this podcast so I am mirthful to finally have a chance to be a guest.

If you have been following my interviews the past year, you will notice they have been getting deeper.

In this episode I discuss :

  • 2000 – 2010 Game Music Trends
  • How being a Video Game Composer, in many cases, is Not Sustainable and Asking for What You are Worth
  • Soundtrack Rights
  • The Nebulous/Eclectic Sound I Have as a Video Game Composer
  • What I Believe in My Heart to be a Full Fledged Video Game Composer
  • Demystifying Authentic Pirate themes from the Caribbean Perspective
  • Why Games Jams Can Have More than One Composer on the Team

and so much more!

Thank you Ro Panuganti / Game Grooves for booking me for the interview and for having me on your platform to discuss these topics.