Game Devs of Color Reveals Chase Bethea Among Initial Speakers

June 3, 2024
I’m dynamically jubilant to share that I have been announced as one of the first round speakers for Game Devs of Color Expo 2024!
Game Devs of Colour takes place Sept. 18-21 and includes a world-class online conference with talks, panels, and interviews featuring industry experts and game announcements from creators of color across the games industry! 
This is my third time speaking at this event and it is one of my favourites. For many reasons.
1. THEY PAY THEIR SPEAKERS!!! This event understands that it takes WORK to make these presentations and that  without speakers/content there is NO EVENT! (Can you sense my passion here?)
2. The content is great. You get to hear different perspectives from different backgrounds and how they navigated the industry in their own way.
3. The attendees there are very diverse and they genuinely support each other. People leave their egos at the door where they should be!
In my presentation I will be discussing and showcasing how I indite dynamic / adaptive / interactive music score and systems for the game Aground Zero.
I did a mini teaser presentation of this at GDC 2023, “Independent Games Summit: Tech Toolbox: Custom Tool Microtalks” (30:24). In my microtalk,  I presented custom music tool sets that I built to help development run more efficiently and comfortably.
However, this talk will be more in depth as I have developed some very unique music designs without any middle-ware that I believe have not been done before in base building / colony sim games. I also may be one of the only video game composers speakers in the conference!
Game Devs Of Colour 2024 Speaker - Chase Bethea Announcement
Tickets for GDoCExpo 2024 are now available and you can get yours here.
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