Game Boy Jam 5

September 16, 2016

I had the honor of collaborating with Arcade Renegade on my favorite jam of the year, Game Boy Jam!!! This was the fifth Game Boy Jam and the second I have participated in.The game that was created was titled ” Floaties BlockBall.” I tried to stick to the four channel limitation and write music as well as create sound effects. I had a great time making these. This game is similar to Alleyway and Breakout. You can play the close to finished game on Arcade Renegades

In addition to collaborating with one person during Game Boy Jam, I collaborated with another. Ben Hopkins, the creator of Mystic Melee on Steam, reached out to me to help design music and sound effects for “Ultra Sky Siege”. In this game, you fly through the sky and slash up your enemies. Make sure you get enough power to get an ULTRA! You can play the game here.