First Radio Show Feature! I’ve been invited as a Special Guest on the Smooth Jazz Cafe Radio Show!

June 17, 2023

I’m going to be interviewed for the first time ever on my Dad’s Radio Smooth Jazz Show for Father’s Day! Sunday, June 18th 2023 7:00 pm PST!

My Dad has a show called the Smooth Jazz Cafe. It’s an online radio show where he plays Jazz music, old and new, and has special guests almost every week.

This week I will be the guest due to my latest award winning soundtrack “On the Peril of Parrots”.

It is a big honour. My Dad has had other jazz icons on his show such as Selina Albright, Gerald Albright, Phil Perry, Norman Brown, Quintin Gerard W., Bobby Caldwell, and many more. To be have my work acknowledged and be invited to be on his show means a lot especially since I did not have to ask. Per my Dad’s request as Father’s Day gift to himself he wanted to interview me as his guest. The interview begins at 8:00 pm PST

This is kind of a big deal too since this is the first time, I’ll be interviewed on a radio show. The interview will air at 8:00PM PST

The Smooth Jazz Cafe airs Every Sunday 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm PST / 9:00 pm – 12:00 am CST. It can be heard on WOSD Radio/ WVRO Soul Mobile App and the Tune In App. Don’t miss this SUPER exclusive interview!

The Smooth Jazz Cafe - Special Guest Chase Bethea