Everybody’s Talking at Once Podcast Debut with Glen Henry (Spritewrench)

December 12, 2023

An honour to be on this podcast. Drew is one the few interviwers that does his research about his guests before the interviews and seamlessly paces the show as if we were in person. A joy to be on for real.

Drew has a great grasp on the fluidity in terms of how the interview runs. The conversations feels ubiquitous and natural. Emily Reese (Level with Emily) and Mark McAvoy (Super Game Podcast) are the other two podcast interviewers that do their due diligence for their guests and create the calm and professional space for guests to kick back and have a chat . In addition, they are really good at what they do and how it pull it together with the guest they have on their show. Thank you Drew for having us on.

I deeply applaud Drew for doing his homework about me by understanding that the soundtrack for “Questlike Pocket

is drastically different from on the “On the Peril of Parrots

and “Sunken Stones“.

You would not know that unless you heard those soundtracks. You can not just say those things. He also relates the vibe “On the Peril of Parrots‘ music to “Portal’s – “Still Alive“. a huge compliment! So, for him to take the extra time to do the proper groundwork, it warms my heart and gives great appreciation for Drew Messenger-Michaels. I am very thankful to be on a podcast like this one too.

In addition, on this episode we discuss:
  • The Prompt I had initially for the “Sunken Stones Soundtrack
  • The authenticity of being connected to the “Sunken Stones Project
  • The Peril of AI
  • Sunken Stones, the Caribbean center of the Golden Age of Piracy and the inevitability of ONE PIECE.
  • How I Service “Sunken Stones” Musically
  • What I Am Studying from “Escape from Monkey Island
  • My Deep Love for Interactive Music and How I teach myself without an Audio Team
  • What I learned from “Escape from Monkey Island
  • My Motivic Clarity for “Sunken Stones
  • Glen’s Bias and Dev Pass to Not watch ONE PIECE (yet)
  • Do I write with perfectionism or am I aiming for tone?
  • How I write with Curiosity

You can listen to the episode here or below