• Are you looking for Dynamic/Adaptive/Interactive music/sound techniques to apply to your game?
  • Would you like suggestions on which audio middle-ware to use or not?
  • Do you need help with hiring a composer/sound designer/technical audio designer ?
  • Trying to figure out a budget to hire for audio?
  • Need / Want feedback on what sounds or music is too loud or quiet?
  • Are you interested in any other feedback for your game (mechanics / design etc) ?

I can help! I have been playing games since I was six years old, working in the industry for over a decade, worked with small indie teams and AAA studios and I own over 800 physical copies of retro games. Needless to say, I have the experience to help you get over the hump of your creative block.

To schedule an appointment for Interactive Audio Consulting, please contact me via email.