Composer Roundtable Music #2 for Games

November 1, 2020

Hello hello! This is kind of last minute. The Cue Tube has kindly reached out to ask me to be part of a Composer Roundtable for their LIVE YouTube channel event. I am very honored and humbled by the request as it somewhat comes out of no where.

I was tagged on Instagram about The Cue Tube looking for video game composers that may be interested to participate. The Cue Tube’s a resource for composers, who offer free videos to re-score and build a portfolio and professional network. In addition to filmmakers to find great composers for their projects. Registration is free and gives access to all features, forums, search tools and other benefits. It seems that by a lot of various organization request, this is the year that we mostly share our experiences in the industry. I thanked the the follower who tagged me and gave the organization a follow back since they followed me first but I did not pursue to be involved. To my surprise, the next day, I found a direct message from The Cue Tube CEO, Bryan Waters, asking if I wanted to be part of the roundtable. I was really surprised because there are so many video game composers out there now and I was only tagged in it. Nonetheless, I asked a few questions, did some homework about the platform and modestly accepted.

Honestly, it has been a dream of mine to be on a roundtable like this. Ever since watching The Hollywood Reporter’s Composer’s Roundtable six years ago with Danny Elfman, Alexander Desplat, Mycheal Danna and Patrick Doyle, Fernando Velasquez & Marco Beltrami, I have wanted to be involved and seen as a prominent/influential video game composer. I hope this event begins the one of many.

I believe we will discuss topics of the typical, how we broke into the industry, and navigating it from there but also more cool things like audi-middleware such as ELIAS, Wwise and FMOD.

The Cue Tube Composer’s Roundtable #2 Music for Games will be taking place today, November 1st at 12pm PST/ 7pm CMT here – Other roundtable panelist are Bryan Waters, The Cue Tube Founder, Olga Kriakvina, Jerry Lenin, Meena Shamaley, & Jade Wasabi.