Brief and NEW Interview Published by Shure Microphones

January 9, 2024

Another goal accomplished! It’s a long story but I will shorten it.

I had inquired to do a cross promotion with Shure Microphones based on how I used them for my video game music work. I asked a former work colleague for two years how to make this happen. He introduced me to a marketing representative (in-person) who was “in charge” of that.

I emailed that person over five times in the course of a year. No response. Not even an acknowledgement of the email.

I saw said industry colleague at a music conference informed him of the no response from the person they introduced me to and request an intro to a different person. Some months after from there I sent a follow-up email. He did respond but no progress was made.

I attended Twitchcon 2023 and introduced myself at the Shure booth and met the Senior Marketing Dev Manager and things got rolling. FAST!

Key takeaway: I’m consistent and persistent. Your goals should be too.

BIG LOVE to Laura Davidson and  Marc Young for getting this published!

Thanks to  Andrew Anderson for the interview and the very kind introduction, as “One of the Best Composers in the Video Game Industry.

a quote a game developer I work with loves that I said in the interview.

Keep your childlike nature within you and be able to pull it out when you’re writing.

Access the article here but the full interview is below.

Shure · LOUDER: Composing for Video Games with Chase Bethea