November 16, 2020

One won’t do and nine is not enough for me no! Well, that’s okay because as a video game composer, it is good to be busy! Announcing my semi-exclusive talk at the Audio Developers Conference next Thursday,  November 19th.

ADC is an annual event celebrating all audio development technologies, from music applications and game audio to audio processing and embedded systems. ADC’s mission is to help attendees acquire and develop new skills, and build a network that will support their career development. It is also aimed at showcasing academic research and facilitating collaborations between research and industry.

When I spoke at GameSound Con this year, I received a lot of requests for how ELIAS works, so I took it to the next LEVEL  – you’ll see why that’s a good pun if you watch the talk 😉 My talk for ADC is titled, “Using adaptive composition techniques with ELIAS for games”. In short, this talk will demonstrate the creation and implementation of an interactive score for games. I will speak about incorporating the video game composer’s musical vision for the game, a more profound perception of ELIAS’s specialized functions with how it fabricates and runs in Unity. This exhibits the work process of adjusting and adding substance to the game while covering continuous topical changes. Numerous efficient workflow systems found will be shown. For example, sequencing, randomizing, progressing and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

ELIAS is an audio middle-ware that does not get the shine it should. A forward thinking audio engine with a modern, fast workflow and deep game engine integration, providing high quality tools and services, bridging the gaps between game developers and game audio professionals.

Do I have you hooked? Want to know more? Sign up here for tickets and join in LIVE! Remember November 19th at 10:50AM PST (mind the timezone!) Bring your questions for the LIVE Q&A. See you soon!