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I Can’t Escape: Darkness – Behind-the-Scenes

Original Sound Version writer, Brenna Wilkes, did an amazing write up of helping promote the Behind-the-Scenes documentary. I am always grateful for people who really take the time to watch or listen to what I have created and give feedback to the content.

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Favorite Game Soundtracks

Recently, I was asked by a collegue to give them a list of my favorite game soundtracks. As a videogame composer I normally consume a lot of video game music. Recently, I rarely get to listen to the full soundtracks anymore. I have select songs from the soundtracks that I am fond of. However, I have listened to some full soundtracks that I can recommend. So, here is my personal list of soundtracks that I have listened to in full, have changed my life and that I feel are wonderful to experience as well. Please note these are in no particular order. It is just whatever I find.

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Video Game Award Nomination on Video Game Music Online

This is my first nomination in the industry! I can’t believe it! I am speechless. Full love great joy and humbleness. There is some fierce competition out there and to be recognized in some way is a major honor. Thank you VGMO! Thank you kindly and congratulations to all the nominees!

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Adventure Lib

In this game, everything has been swapped with something else. Can you defeat the fire-breathing key, save your beloved princess, and find the pants of legend?

In this wacky parody adventure, the ridiculousness is unstoppable. Think “MadLibs” meets a classic “collect-and-combine” adventure game – but with more puns and time-traveling robots.

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Soundtrack Geek Review: Super Happy Fun Block 9.5/10

Merry Christmas!!!

You may or may not know that Jorn Tillness is a connoisseur and big lover of media music. Mostly known for reviewing film scores. However, lately he as taken an interest in reviewing video game scores as well. I stumbled upon an old review I guess was published on 12/02/2015 for I Can’t Escape: Darkness, and although it was not received well, the follow up to the other score Super Happy pleased the critic’s ears a little better.

Jorn is super busy so the fact he took the time to do the review is an honor.

Check it out here

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Interview with Kidz World

I had the honor of being interviewed by Mr. Rory James Wood! He asked some awesome questions. I hope I inspired the new children who play games like the video game composers who came before me!

Enjoy the interview

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Officially represented by Game Music PR

I am elated to say that I am officially represented by a publicist who specializes in the Video Game and Game Audio field of promotion.

Mariusz Borokowski has selected me out of many other composers to be represented by his new publicist company Game Music PR. This means more image promotion, less, marketing and promotion for me so I can focus on creative work as well as possible bigger gigs for Indie Games.

This is a big deal for me because I  when I was seeking representation I was overlooked by other game audio representatives who only focused on the big AAA composers or games that would gain recognition. They were not interested in pulling in AA composers or composers who needed the extra marketing push to reach the next level.  I want to be clear though that I have no hard feelings against them at all.

I am most humble that Mariusz is willing to collaborate with me and help me achieve my goals.  I can feel that this will be a great working relationship.

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My First Game Audio Panel!

I had the greatest honor and opportunity to be on my first game audio panel at Rhubarb Studios sponsored by Game-School and LA Indie Devs!

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New Music added to RPGamers Network Radio!

As mentioned in a previous post, some of my music was added into a video game streaming station RPGamers Network Radio.

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I Can’t Escape: Darkness Officially Released!

After a long and trying development process the sequel to I Can’t Escape is officially out!

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