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Electron Flux

A puzzle game for Android where the player has to design machines to route and energize electrons to meet the level quota. This is done with arrows, switches, lasers, and other contraptions. It’s got 24 levels and a great original soundtrack.

Play the game on Android via Google Play or Apkpure

Sneak Peak to the Original Soundtrack release!



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How to Build a Mini/Portable Foley Stage

So, I needed to do some sound effects for this indie game I was working on and I realized with such a low budget, I could not really afford to buy these sample libraries and customize them to my liking to fit the game. So, I decided to do a little research and do my own.  I found it it to be highly effective and so I decided to share with my fellow game audio peers. For the most part it was well received and for others, well, let’s just say people don’t always read things carefully or they can be haters. Nevertheless, the article was featured on Gamasutra!  Here is the full post or you can find the link to the article below.

I hope some of you will find it helpful as it is helpful for me. I also want to say that although the idea is not perfect, and was never intended to be, the idea is to inspire other beginner/indie sound designers and improve upon the idea for themselves.  This is the foundation. Enjoy!

We all have sound design and Foley ideas that we want to carry out and implement. However, not all of us have the resources to book and use a Sound Sound Stage. So, why not build your own? Most people may want to turn their entire garage into a Foley Studio. Well, if you only need to do minimal things like record footsteps or trinkets, then you could use something that is compact, effective, and also portable. Something like a mini Sound Stage. Yea, that’s right a mini portable Foley Sound Stage. Built cost effectively for about $60.00 – $70.00. I know just the materials you need to get this done.


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New Project! Super Happy Fun Block!

So, I have some exciting news! I have officially signed on to do the music for Super Happy Fun Block! This is an iOS game coming in Quarter 1 of 2015 made by an indie developer.

It’s a pretty cool adventure game where you play as “Ball” to save humanity from alien blocks.

Check out Super Happy Fun Block website to learn more and stay “tuned” for the soundtrack debut!

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Interview with IndieGame Magazine


So today is pretty exciting. I was interviewed by IndieGame Magazine. It’s a full solo interview. You can read it here:

More good news on the way and some cool blogs about my workflow on projects as well. Stay tuned!

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I Can’t Escape Darkness Teaser/Trailer Released on Steam Greenlight!

Fancy Fish Games has officially released the Teaser/Trailer! This is the sequel to the popular flash game I Can’t Escape.  Trailers can be found in the links below.

I Can’t Escape: Darkness Website


We have also setup a Steam Greenlight page so please vote for use there.  Thanks so much!

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I Can’t Escape Darkness Teaser/Trailer Released/Steam Greenlight

Game Trailers has published out Teaser Trailer on their website!


I Can’t Escape: Darkness Teaser Trailer on Game Trailers

In tandem with the trailer I Can’t Escape: Darkness has setup their Greenlight page! Vote Now!


vote now on steam



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Game Boy Jam!


I had the pleasure of participating in my first Game Boy Jam! If you know me, you’ll know that Game Boy was one of the first handheld systems I owned. I have so much nostalgia from this and it was a great feeling making the sounds for a Game Boy like game. Who would have thought I would get to participate in something this cool!


Essentially, Game Boy Jams is an online or in-person collaborative event to re-create games in the style and limitation of Game Boy games from 1989 – 2003 but on the computer. There is a time frame to get the project finished. Normally, about a week.

So, the name of the Game Boy Jam title that I got to score music for is called “Run Like Balls” and was created by The Nicktator.  You play as a snail and avoid boxes. Simple mechanic but effective and fun!!!

I made the music in 3.5 hours as I was quite late to the project. I happened to learn about the jam 2 days before submission. I submitted my music to collaborate and didn’t hear back from the developer for a day. I began to get discouraged that they found someone and was too late until I received a response notifying me that I was on the team. The developer was worried that I may not finish in time but I knocked out this tune and several sound effects for the game before the deadline. I was so pumped for this Jam but believe it or not, I was little stumped on how to get started.

I started off with an odd rhythm and I knew I wanted it in minor. I referenced to one of my favorite composers who did music for the game “Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs”, Alberto Jose Gonzalez. Check out the tunes below:

After I created the foundation, I was able to modulate and then return home. I still needed to maintain the energy of the beginning of the song so, I switched the rhythm up a little by taking some Drum & Bass techniques.

You can check out the full song below. Let me know what you think!

Of course I can’t leave you without the link to the game so you can PLAY IT and see how it fits in the game! We would love your feedback on that too! Click the link below to download the game now on Game Jolt! It’s FREE!!!!! We would love to hear what you think too! So, drop us a comment! Play on Playas!

Run Like Balls – Game Boy Jam #3!

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Indie Game Magazine Interview for Dark Storm (the game)

I was given the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by one of the biggest Indie Game Magazines out right now, Indie Game Magazine. They asked me questions about my creative process for creating the music and sound, cues I give the player through audio and tools I use to enhance the environments.  You can read the full article here. I hope you enjoy.


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RPGamers Network Radio adds Deity Quest tracks into their stream rotation!

My music has finally reached a streaming status and I’m very excited. Not only can buy the Deity Quest Soundtrack on iTunes, Bandcamp, Loudr, Google Play, but it will be played on a video game music stream website. Several of my tracks can be selected/requested to play in the mix with many other video game music cult classics and modern favorites.

Go to RPGAMERS NETWORK RADIO and select your favorite Deity Quest songs today or any day at anytime 24/7.

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8bitx Radio (DJ Cutman) spins tunes off the Deity Quest Soundtrack!

DJ Cutman was kind enough to play one of my songs off the Deity Quest OST on his show “This week in Chiptune“. (Click on the Link or Listen Below)

If you’re not familiar with who DJ Cutman is well…time to get familiar. He is one of the biggest chiptune artist and DJ in the Video Game Music industry.  He plays and tours shows around the country. Some of DJ Cutman’s biggest sets happen in MAGfest. To find out more of what DJ Cutman does visit his website.

In the meantime, more news coming soon.

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