I Can’t Escape (Original Soundtrack from the Video Game)

I am more than excited and pleased to announce the release of my first album and video game album, I Can’t Escape by Fancy Fish Games, the original soundtrack from the Video Game.

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‘I Can’t Escape’ Review via IndieGameMag

Inescapable doom and “free” rarely go together, but Fancy Fish Games made it happen. Their latest release, I Can’t Escape, is a first-person horror flash game that combines the allure of cost-free gaming with the terror of being trapped and hopelessly lost in darkness.

The game opens with an all-too-brief glimpse of a cheerful, harmless-looking meadow with spring-green grass and a lovely blue sky —and then the player is instantly plunged through an unseen hole into a dark, unwelcoming tunnel. You find yourself facing a locked door, on the other side of which is a ladder that could take you to freedom, if only you had the key. Sound maddening? Get used to it; the game continually taunts the player by dangling the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) key to your freedom just out of reach. Often what looks like a way out will turn out to be a trap, drawing you deeper down into the labyrinth.

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Let’s Play “I Can’t Escape”

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“I Can’t Escape Lives Up to Its Name” Review on IndieGame HQ

I Can’t Escape by Fancy Fish Games is a game certainly worth checking out. The game was created for the One Game A Month challenge and is currently available for play through Newgrounds. This is the fourth game from Fancy Fish Games with a fifth game titled Havencall due out in 2013.

The game starts off with your character falling into a large underground maze. Initially, I didn’t think much of it as the cavern was fairly barren and well lit. I began exploring the massive maze, opening iron doors and hidden stone doors. To my surprise I stumbled across a hole in the floor. Each level down was seemingly darker, and the noise certainly picked up. Random noises were everywhere, it seems as if something is down there with you. Occasionally, as you fall deeper, you will stumble across these harmless ghosts that just add to the experience.

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I Can’t Escape PC Browser Game Released Today!!!

Well I keep them coming as best as I can. Here is the I Can’t Escape Game PC Browser Game created by David Maletz! It’s free to play! I did the music and SFX!! Check it out here and PLEASE PLEASE VOTE!


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Tomb Raider Crossroads Trailer Music Demo Replacement Release

After months of anticipation the demo is finally finished! I am very proud and excited to present to you my first demo! You can view it here

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Interview with Chase Bethea

An interview with Chase Bethea Composer and Sound Editor

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Electron Flux Released

The game finally releases today! For those who don’t know, I composed original music and sound effects for the game and this is my first published game release!! It’s Free!!! and on the Google Play Website! So Mac users and PC gamers can play it. Enjoy! And don’t forget to write a review! Thank you!

Here is the link

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Official Contract Deal on Two Games

I have officially been contracted for two games!!! The first game is called Death Never Accepts which I am contracted as the Sound Designer. The game will be released for PC!! You can “Like Us” on Facebook by following this link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Death-Never-Accepts/403869739669381

The second game is called Electron Flux. I am contracted as the composer and sound designer for this game and it will be released on the Android/Google Market!  (Big Hopes for Ouya…if it takes off). Demo projects (Shadow of the Colossus and Tomb Raider Trailers) still in progress but now these new game projects will take priority!

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