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Deputy Dangle Released


Sounds are finished and Deputy Dangle is released on Steam! Go play! It’s very fun!

Here are some things that people are saying about it:

“WOW I had a lot of fun with this one. It’s like the love child of Mount Your Friends, I Am Bread and Octodad. However, they learned the lesson from the others that frustrating controls isn’t fun, while the chaos and silliness off your character flopping around is a LOT of fun.”

“It’s not easy, oh no, but it doesn’t have the horrible difficulty of those others. I’m early in still, but excited to keep going!”

“A solid game with active devs! Do you like fun? If yes, buy this game. Don’t even question buying this game! Try it out for yourself!”

“Love the artwork and overall goofyness of the game. Reminds me of The Simpson’s Road Rage game on PS2.

“My son loves all the bright colors and the ragdoll. He watches all the games I play when I mirror them to the big screen, and he is never too impressed.”

“Deputy Dangle made him laugh for 5 mins! Recommended.”

“Like Cats? Like Ghosts? Like Saints Row? Like James Bond? Like ToonTown?? This game is for you.”

“I have not bought a steam game in over 2 years at full price. But I had a feeling using my mom’s credit card would bring me 0~Good Times~0 for years. I was right. Hold on I can’t write long I’m grounded. GROUNDED TO HAVING FUN.”

So, what are you waiting for, Dangle-Out Dude!

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New Project: Additional Sound Design for Deputy Dangle


Chashu Entertainment has hired me to do additional sound design for Deputy Dangle. I am very happy to collaborate with them and provide them with professional quality sounds. It should be a lot of fun! Pew Die Pie and Markiplier played the demo of this game a while back and they loved it!

Deputy Dangle is a fun and lighthearted action/adventure game where you play as one of the Sheriff’s to stop G-MA (Grandma). Mechanics and gameplay resemble similarities to OctoDad and I Am Bread. Some people call it “OctoCop”. I think of it as a “Weekend at Bernie’s” with him in a cop suit.

Check out the game here

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