I Can’t Escape

Roles: Music and Sound Design

Available Platforms: PC

Official Website: I Can’t Escape

I Can’t Escape is a eerie exploration experience written in Flash/Stage3D. It’s graphics are retro 3D similar to old raycasting games. You will get lost while playing this game, and there is no map – however, you will stumble across different areas and events every time you play!

Play the game on GameJolt or Newgrounds.

User Reviews

“Really awesome game! fun to play!!! music and graphics are good too!”

“That was terrifying! I love the retro style of it and the ominous footsteps and the music were great!”

“The atmosphere of the lower floors combined with the music made me think I was going to die now”

” Music fits perfectly…”

“Awesome game, the music really sets the mood, plus I like the little ghost creatures they give me the chills…”

“Great Ambiance, great music…”

“I like how the music changes as you go deeper.”

“I enjoyed this game a lot. Great atmosphere and music.”

“Really enjoyed the graphics you went for but what really set the mood for this game was definitely the music. As you fall deeper and deeper the music intensifies which really sets the feeling of hopelessness.”

“The graphics and music are perfect.”

“The graphics on it are awesome, and the music is absolutely stunning!”

“Music and sound effect helped develop the theme and environment so full points on that.”

“Graphics and music are top notch and the atmosphere is really good”