Interview with IndieGame Magazine


So today is pretty exciting. I was interviewed by IndieGame Magazine. It’s a full solo interview. You can read it here:

More good news on the way and some cool blogs about my workflow on projects as well. Stay tuned!

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Indie Game Magazine Interview for Dark Storm (the game)

I was given the pleasure and honor of being interviewed by one of the biggest Indie Game Magazines out right now, Indie Game Magazine. They asked me questions about my creative process for creating the music and sound, cues I give the player through audio and tools I use to enhance the environments.  You can read the full article here. I hope you enjoy.


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Live stream of Deity Quest with Digi_Tsuna on Twitch

Deity Quest has been buzzing around the internet and getting a lot of press. Our latest interview is covered by the magnificent Digi on his Twitch Channel. Fancy Fish Games owner, David Maletz, and I were able to be interviewed during the live game-play stream of Deity Quest. It was a lot of fun.

I would link the video but twitch removed that feature to go back to past episodes :(. I hope to catch the future ones.

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Live Stream of Deity Quest/Interview with Average Giants

The Average Giants (Youtube Broadcasters) from Indie Game Magazine  interviewed me about Deity Quest. They had a blast playing the game and loved the music too! The interview was quite fun. You can view it here for your enjoyment.

Thanks for watching!

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Interviewed by Black Shell Games on Twitch

Black Shell Games invited me to be a guest on their show Indie Podcast and speak about the games I was working on. It was certainly an honor to be on the show. You can find the interview below.

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Cubic Climber OST Review via Destructiod

While the soundtrack for this indie title gets off to a rocky start (har har, it’s about climbing mountains), there are some great moments here. The soundtrack sports an icy electronic vibe, accented with some great rhythmic percussion. The crunchy “Boulderdash” is particularly cool with its industrial soundscape, and the dreamy “Class 5” with its female choral elements is simply stunning. Check ’em out.

Read the article here:

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‘I Can’t Escape’ Review via IndieGameMag

Inescapable doom and “free” rarely go together, but Fancy Fish Games made it happen. Their latest release, I Can’t Escape, is a first-person horror flash game that combines the allure of cost-free gaming with the terror of being trapped and hopelessly lost in darkness.

The game opens with an all-too-brief glimpse of a cheerful, harmless-looking meadow with spring-green grass and a lovely blue sky —and then the player is instantly plunged through an unseen hole into a dark, unwelcoming tunnel. You find yourself facing a locked door, on the other side of which is a ladder that could take you to freedom, if only you had the key. Sound maddening? Get used to it; the game continually taunts the player by dangling the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) key to your freedom just out of reach. Often what looks like a way out will turn out to be a trap, drawing you deeper down into the labyrinth.


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Let’s Play “I Can’t Escape”

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“I Can’t Escape Lives Up to Its Name” Review on IndieGame HQ

I Can’t Escape by Fancy Fish Games is a game certainly worth checking out. The game was created for the One Game A Month challenge and is currently available for play through Newgrounds. This is the fourth game from Fancy Fish Games with a fifth game titled Havencall due out in 2013.

The game starts off with your character falling into a large underground maze. Initially, I didn’t think much of it as the cavern was fairly barren and well lit. I began exploring the massive maze, opening iron doors and hidden stone doors. To my surprise I stumbled across a hole in the floor. Each level down was seemingly darker, and the noise certainly picked up. Random noises were everywhere, it seems as if something is down there with you. Occasionally, as you fall deeper, you will stumble across these harmless ghosts that just add to the experience.


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Interview with Chase Bethea

An interview with Chase Bethea Composer and Sound Editor

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