Original Sound Version published the Behind-the-Scenes Documentary of I Can’t Escape: Darkness


Original Sound Version writer, Brenna Wilkes, did an amazing write up of helping promote the Behind-the-Scenes documentary. I am always grateful for people who really take the time to watch or listen to what I have created and give feedback to the content.

“Watching the video and listening to Chase talk about how he crafted the music around how the game-play works and trying to keep it just distracting enough for the player is fascinating and gives some interesting perspective towards how good psychological thriller gaming is constructed”

You can read more about the interview here:

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Video Game Award Nomination on Video Game Music Online

This is my first nomination in the industry! I can’t believe it! I am speechless. Full love great joy and humbleness. There is some fierce competition out there and to be recognized in some way is a major honor. Thank you VGMO! Thank you kindly and congratulations to all the nominees!

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Merry Christmas! Super Happy Fun Block gets a Soundtrack Geek Review

9.5 out of 10

You may or may not know that Jorn Tillness is a connoisseur and big lover of media music. Mostly known for reviewing film scores. However, lately he as taken an interest in reviewing video game scores as well. I stumbled upon an old review I guess was published on 12/02/2015. for I Can’t Escape: Darkness and although it was not
received well, the follow up to the other score Super Happy pleased the critic’s ears a little better.

Jorn is super busy so the fact he took the time to do the review is an honor.

Check it out here

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Interview with Kidz World

I had the honor of being interviewed by Mr. Rory James Wood! He asked some awesome questions. I hope I inspired the new children who play games like the video game composers who came before me!

Enjoy the interview

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New Music added to RPGamers Network Radio!

As mentioned in a previous post, some of my music was added into a video game streaming station RPGamers Network Radio.

rpgamers network

And now several more of my tracks from ADventure Lib and Super Happy Fun Block can be selected/requested to play in a playlist with many other video game music cult classics and modern favorites!

I won’t tell you which ones, you should head on over to the RPGamers Network Radio and listen on your Tune-In app or on your browser.

Don’t forget to still request Deity Quest tracks on there too!

Go to RPGAMERS NETWORK RADIO and select your favorite songs today or any day at anytime 24/7.

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I Can’t Escape: Darkness is on IGN !!!

This…is….a…BIG day!  You know that you are apart of a big project when IGN writes a small article on it. This made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! You can read the full post here.


For more info on the game go to

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VG Island Podcast debuts the Deity Quest OST


Michael, the host for VG Island Podcast, has just put out a new episode and has surprised me by featuring the ‘Deity Quest OST” !!

VG Island is another one of my beloved and favorite video game music podcast. He breaks down the music for his playlist in detail, through style, sound and mood.

In this episode, (Episode 90) Michael chose certain excerpts from the huge  31 track OST such as “Eccentric Ruses of Boudri”, “Onslaught”, “Nimah’s Alibi” and “Death of Deity Part II”.

You can listen to the Episode below or click here to listen on the VG Island Website

Suggested link to the Deity Quest OST is below. Happy Listening!




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Bass Gorilla Posts “Rockband to MIDI Article”


I recently wrote an article on Bass Gorilla that focuses on linking your RockBand Drums as MIDI Drum Kit in Cubase. XenFlex,the founder of Bass Gorilla, gave me the opportunity to write this article as a guest post on his website.


Bass Gorilla offers tutorials on music production from music producers who are skilled at their craft. On the website you can find articles and videos on how to build your production chops for multiple genres.

In 2011, I had this crazy idea to use RockBand Drums as a MIDI Drum Kit instead of paying $1,000 – $3,000 for one. I was challenged and said it couldn’t be done but I figured out how to get it to work. I took it a step further and programmed some drums samples  to be triggered in Kontakt.

In the article I discuss a step-by-step process of the tools needed for the setup, the signal flow from the third-party software to Cubase and MIDI mapping of the samples to be triggered from the Rockband Drum Kit to Cubase from Kontakt.

You can read the article here. Hope you enjoy it! Happy learning!

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Orchestra Brothers Roster Addition

Sooooo excited! I was added to the Orchestra Bros. Roster on their website. Apparently, they liked the Cubic Climber Original Soundtrack.

This is a humbling moment as they have placed me next to the greats in the media composition world like Joe Hisaishi, Cris Velasco, Bear McCreary, Austin Wintory and Jesper Kyd.

You can check it out in the link below!

Orchestra Bros. Roster

Check out the critically acclaimed album that landed me the position below

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Pixelated Audio Podcast Expansion Pack IV & Interview!


I had the greatest honor to be on one of my new favorite podcasts, Pixelated Audio.

James and Bryan run an amazing video game podcast where they select a game and play the all the coolest game music from that game.

My interview debuted on Episode 20 Expansion Pack IV. As custom tradition to their special expansion pack episodes, Bryan and James choose about five video game tracks from any game and alternate playing their choices.

I had a great time being on the podcast and would definitely do doing it again. Click on the lovely art below by James Brunner, co-host of Pixelated Audio, to listen to the episode.

20_episode_expansion_pack4-post (1)

Please don’t forget to check out their other episodes that cover Pokemon Snap, Treasure Hunter G and Wild Arms! Available on iTunes and Stitcher.



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