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Officially represented by Game Music PR

game music prI am elated to say that I am officially represented by a publicist who specializes in the Video Game and Game Audio field of promotion.

Mariusz Borokowski has selected me out of many other composers to be represented by his new publicist company Game Music PR. This means more image promotion, less, marketing and promotion for me so I can focus on creative work as well as possible bigger gigs for Indie Games.

This is a big deal for me because I  when I was seeking representation I was overlooked by other game audio representatives who only focused on the big AAA composers or games that would gain recognition. They were not interested in pulling in AA composers or composers who needed the extra marketing push to reach the next level.  I want to be clear though that I have no hard feelings against them at all.

I am most humble that Mariusz is willing to collaborate with me and help me achieve my goals.  I can feel that this will be a great working relationship.

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My First Game Audio Panel!!!!


I had the greatest honor and opportunity to be on my first game audio panel at Rhubarb Studios sponsored by Game-School and LA Indie Devs!


I gave a presentation about how I built the mini Foley stage for I Can’t Escape: Darkness to give the game some identity and character. The turnout was pretty good and the talk went really well. People really enjoyed my presentation and they asked questions too!

Alongside me where some other game audio folks such as Alex Cote, Jeff Swingle and my good friend Kole Hicks!


Many thanks to Game-School, LA Indie Devs and Rhubarb Studios for the opportunity to be on my first Game Audio Panel.


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New Music added to RPGamers Network Radio!

As mentioned in a previous post, some of my music was added into a video game streaming station RPGamers Network Radio.

rpgamers network

And now several more of my tracks from ADventure Lib and Super Happy Fun Block can be selected/requested to play in a playlist with many other video game music cult classics and modern favorites!

I won’t tell you which ones, you should head on over to the RPGamers Network Radio and listen on your Tune-In app or on your browser.

Don’t forget to still request Deity Quest tracks on there too!

Go to RPGAMERS NETWORK RADIO and select your favorite songs today or any day at anytime 24/7.

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I Can’t Escape: Darkness Officially Released!

After a long and trying development process the sequel to I Can’t Escape is officially out!

This was a very big and personal project for me. I made mini Foley Stage to create custom sound effects. I tried a new layering system and some binaural techniques to give the game a full atmospheric affect.


Check out my custom promo video for the game!

Now you can you buy the game here

Soundtrack is out too! Here is a teaser track for you (and my personal favorite!)

The atmospheric/aleatoric Original Soundtrack contains 21 tracks! You can get it on iTunes, Bandcamp, Loudr, Google Play , Sumthing Else Music Works and Amazon!

Finally, a special behind the scenes Mini Documentary of how I scored and created the music and sound effects for the game will be coming out soon. Check out the teaser for it below!

For more info on I Can’t Escape: Darkness check out the website






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Super Happy Fun Block Released on iOS App Store!!!!

I am SUPER HAPPY to tell you that the game ” Super Happy Fun Block” is now on the iTunes App Store.

I had such a wonderful time working on this project and with Molten Tomato Studios, Ethan Benanav and Mandy Benanav.

Animated GIFS

Check out my video promo below for the game!

Here is the trailer if you didn’t see it already

Super Happy Fun Block – Trailer 2 – Mod DB

The game is being received super well! We got a 4.5 on Touch Arcade and a 5 out of 5 stars on the App Store itself!

Here is the review from Touch Arcade


Lastly, here is the Super Happy Fun Block Soundtrack!

You can also get it on Google Play, Amazon, Loudr and Sumthing Else Music Works!

For more info on Super Happy Fun Block go to

If you play it please leave us a review on the App Store. We would greatly appreciate it! If you buy the album please leave a review as well! Thank you so much!




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I Can’t Escape: Darkness is on IGN !!!

This…is….a…BIG day!  You know that you are apart of a big project when IGN writes a small article on it. This made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! You can read the full post here.


For more info on the game go to

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ADventure Lib Game and Soundtrack released!!!

Another game that I have been working hard on with Fancy Fish Games has been released along with the soundtrack! ADventure Lib!

In this wacky parody adventure, the ridiculousness is unstoppable. It’s based of the game “MadLibs”  that meets a classic “collect-and-combine” adventure game – but with more puns and time-traveling robots. The game also has some voice acting in it as well. Many other features are available for the game too!

This game was originally supposed to be a game to submit to PewDiePie vs. Indies Jam. However, we didn’t meet the requirements needed for submission. So, instead of scrapping the work we decided to continue and publish the game.

So, here is a link to the game or click the Steam or Fancy Fish Games Logo to purchase the game.

[Disclaimer] This is a quirky game so it may not appeal to everyone. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

The original soundtrack consists of four tracks for the game that are environment oriented. You can grab your copy of the soundtrack on Bandcamp, iTunes, Loudr, Google Play, Sumthing Else & Amazon!




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Officially signed to the BarnFire Music Library


It has been a long time since I was offered a library contract. I think it has been since 2009 actually. Well, I have officially signed on with Barn Fire Music!!!!

Barn Fire Music is founded by Kevin Manthei, one of my favorite video game composers known for the Invader Zim theme. I am mostly a fan of his music from the Jagged Alliance 2 game.  I played that game so much in my adolescence.


Now, tracks that I created 10 plus years ago have been recycled and revived and live in an aspiring library. I am a true believer that all music is timeless. It just depends on when the music is introduced where it can have a new life or live on forever.

You can listen to some the music tracks here. Enjoy!

barn fire page


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VG Island Podcast debuts the Deity Quest OST


Michael, the host for VG Island Podcast, has just put out a new episode and has surprised me by featuring the ‘Deity Quest OST” !!

VG Island is another one of my beloved and favorite video game music podcast. He breaks down the music for his playlist in detail, through style, sound and mood.

In this episode, (Episode 90) Michael chose certain excerpts from the huge  31 track OST such as “Eccentric Ruses of Boudri”, “Onslaught”, “Nimah’s Alibi” and “Death of Deity Part II”.

You can listen to the Episode below or click here to listen on the VG Island Website

Suggested link to the Deity Quest OST is below. Happy Listening!




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Orchestrina is submitted to IndieCade and The Geeky Awards!



Okay, so some things have happened. I met a developer named Joshua Kingsbury at a movie screening and he was looking for music for his game so he could submit it to a ton of festivals. We met for tea and I  played a build of his game.  Once I played it, I knew this was a game I wanted to be apart of.

So, after tea and a late breakfast (2am) I was offered the gig to be on the game called “Orchestrina”.

Orchestrina is an innocent cube like game that uses some tumbling mechanics to gather other cubes. Each cube plays or sings an instrument and the goal is to avoid the dark cubes (similar to the darkness in Kingdom Hearts) and collect the cubes in the world so that something magical happens. (I really like doing shaped games don’t I? Cubic Climber and now this haha)


So, I finished composing the track for the game. Josh and I co-arranged the music as it was necessary for everything to fit nicely together.

Here is a Alpha Demo of Orchestrina with music composed for it by me.

Orchestrina – Alpha Demo A from Josh Kingsbury on Vimeo.

After Josh finished the Alpha Demo, he immediately submitted to PAX Prime, IndieCade, Boston FIG, The Geeky Awards and many more. However, we only got acknowledged for The Geeky Awards and IndieCade.

For IndieCade, the game was submitted as well as the music to be on the SoundWall! (IndieCade’s music promotion for games submitted to the festival) Orchestrina was selected and made it to the SoundWall! See the full post on IndieCade here

indiecade soundwall

In addition, The Geeky Awards selected us as one of the nominees for “Best Indie Game”.

Full post is available here.

the geeky awards
























More news on Orchestrina in 2016.  If you want to stay informed on the game you can visit the creator, Josh Kingsbury’s website.

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